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With a unique synergy,  our talented and experienced team delivers remarkable results allowing us to


Dr. Michael Pichardo

You thought you knew everything about Dr. Pichardo from the professional page (jump over to his page if you missed it)!

Here’s something you don’t… he fancies himself a nice red wine and a sky full of stars… hence the inception of our catchy business name “Solis Endodontics”.  That calm bedside manner and his clinical expertise is not only what our patients over the years have valued, it is also what the staff respects the most from their beloved leader (per the poll done at lunch yesterday). 


Eden brings to the table a fierce background in customer service, where even the patience of a Saint would be put to task. Where are you going to find Eden when she’s not working her magic up front with our patients? In a movie theater, of course, and considers herself a “Marvel- Lite” (yep, we’re still wondering what that is too…).


The ultimate dental practice manager, not a magician but we can see how you might get those confused. She is an explosion of dental knowledge and understands the mechanics to a successful business and will stop at nothing to turn a “NO” into a “Make This Happen!” Where is she when not in the practice?  You can find her singing her heart out at a country concert, or anywhere really.


Dulce’s focus is always on the patient in front of her and you will never get less than 379% - 795.25% of her attention… her devotion and passion to her craft is evident as you will find her cracking open another anatomy textbook as she pursues her Dental Hygiene Career (now you know why she can’t stop staring at your teeth) .  Dulce is an unstoppable force of nature!


  Picture Updated Soon 


Our newest added talent! This guy is great under pressure and is as attentive to detail as southern is to hospitality (you’ll understand when you hear that good ol’ Tennessee drawl).  If you don’t see Brett attending to what makes our office run like a well-oiled machine, you’ll find him climbing a mountain while holding a cheese platter … can you believe he hasn’t auditioned for America’s Got Talent?! 

Gainesville, Virginia Endodontist Dr. Michael Pichardo at Solis Endodontics offers Endodontics such as Root Canal, Endodontic Surgery, Cracked Teeth and Traumatic Dental Injuries.

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