• Digital Radiography; including a Kodak Panoramic System and intraoral Kodak sensors - allow for immediate, detailed images and reduced radiation compared to film
  • Electronic charting and record keeping
  • Kodak Intraoral cameras - give you the opportunity to see what the dentist sees
  • Biolase I-Lase and Picasso Lite soft tissue diode lasers - used as a gentle way to reshape soft tissue
  • DENTSPLY Cavitrons/Prophy Jets - the latest method for comfortable and efficient removal of calculus and stain with ultrasonic tips and an air polishing system
  • Isolite dental isolation systems - a special mouthpiece with a vacuum that isolates your teeth and allows your jaw to rest but stay open, therefore minimizing treatment time and resulting in quality resin restorations
  • ASI’s Advanced Endodontic Systems® 


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Gainesville, Virginia Endodontist Dr. Michael Pichardo at Solis Endodontics offers Endodontics such as Root Canal, Endodontic Surgery, Cracked Teeth and Traumatic Dental Injuries.

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